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OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug, Large (10x20mm), Pack of 10


The OsteoGen ® Plug combines bone graft with a collagen plug to yield the easiest and most affordable way to clinically deliver bone graft for socket preservation and ridge maintenance without the use of a membrane.

  • Eliminate hassle of mixing particulate grafts. Eliminate graft wash out.

  • Radiolucent on day of surgery – Radiopaque in 3-6 months 

  • Sold in packs packs of 10.

  • Available in Large: 10mm in Diameter x 20mm in Length

  • OsteoGen® proven safe, and clinically effective for use with implants for over 30 years.


The OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plug is the easiest and most affordable way to clinically deliver bone graft for ridge maintenance and socket preservation. The idea is simple - we take a collagen plug and fill it with our OsteoGen® non-ceramic bone graft crystals to create the OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plug. The result is a bone graft combined with a collagen plug for ease of clinical delivery – all at the introductory special price of only $50 per extraction without the need for a membrane.

The OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plug combines our OsteoGen® Bioactive Resorbable Calcium Apatite with a bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix to create a structure that mimics the organic and inorganic components of physiologic bone.


OsteoGen® is a bioactive and resorbable calcium apatite based bone graft that is physicochemically and crystallographically similar to human bone.1 The OsteoGen® non-ceramic production process yields a resorbable bone graft with a unique Ca:P ratio that is NOT a ß-TCP and NOT a non-resorbable dense ceramic HA, nor is it a biphasic mixture of the two.

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